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How to Make Money Online for Beginners in India – 12 Result Driven Ways for 2022

A unique money-making method & technique guide which will help you to earn money online

Do you want to know how to make money online as a beginner in India or abroad?

or You want to know how to start blogging and earn money in India or abroad?

If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place.

Earning online is not rocket science. There are millions of people who are using online to make millions of dollars every single year.

Below is an example of a successful affiliate marketer.

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Pat Flynn

Blogger Name – Pat Flynn

Blog Running – Smart Passive IncomeNiche – Sharing how to make passive income using various sources.

Earning – $1,787,013 in December 2020

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Harsh Agrawal

Blogger Name – Pat Flynn

Blog Running – Smart Passive IncomeNiche – Sharing how to make passive income using various sources.

Earning – $1,787,013 in December 2020

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John lee Dumas

Blogger Name – John lee Dumas

Blog Running – Entrepreneurs On FireNiche – interviews all the big Entrepreneurs on his podcast and shares the smart strategy.

Earning – $2,10,291 Till December 2017.

Making money while sitting at home can be an excellent idea if you know how to do it right. Imagine getting a steady income of more than what a 9 to 5 job could fetch you and the ocean of possibilities. Isn’t that great and worth investing a little time in?

The majority of the people, who start online business or blogging, they start without knowing ways to earn money online.

This how to make money online for beginners 2021 – A beginner’s guide will resolve your mystery about earning money on the internet. 

Let us see a few success stories before going about how to make money online for beginners!

As a blogger and entrepreneur, I know what it takes to be a successful blogger in this highly competitive market. I understand the efforts of growing from just an everyday ‘blogger’ to a ‘six-figure blogger’. It was not a stroke of overnight luck, but a journey filled with lots of obstacles, patience, and hard work.

Today, I am not going to talk about me, but about a few bloggers and digital entrepreneurs that have carved their name in the digital world and earned what they wished for. No matter who I am going to mention, the result is the same – amazing content and telling people how to make money online for beginners.

All the people that I am going to talk about have made their journey through the ‘unknowns’ and made it to the big world of online businesses. They have launched their brand, blog, and business.

Let’s get ready to be blown away!

Inspirational Six-Figure Bloggers and their Success Stories

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Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy Schoemaker, also known as ‘ShoeMoney’, got fame when he posted a Google Adsense cheque worth $132,994.97. The post went viral and earned him a lot of appreciation globally. However, this was not one-time pay, he went to earn more.

Affiliate marketing is how many of the bloggers start to earn money or start to grow.

The idea of getting paid and running a business without having to deal with customers, inventory, or transactions is a dream come true. Blogging as a business can be run from anywhere and requires a very minimum investment (Domain & Hosting). 

It is also an amazing industry, where you do not need to have multiple degrees, alumni of top colleges or universities, an age bar, or a big office!

All you need is a unique approach toward the niche you want to talk about.

Jeremy first started earning money when he was just 15 and was working quietly towards creating this billion-dollar company from the desk at his parent’s house. Isn’t that amazing!

Believe it or not, affiliate marketing is wonderful and has helped several businesses and entrepreneurs come a long way.

Jeremy created and sold various businesses and sites while growing his brand Today, he has gone corporate and focuses most of his efforts on ParProgram. He started his office with employees while pushing for seven figures in a year.

He is one of the bloggers who used affiliate marketing to reach from a small desk at his parent’s house to owning his office in a corporate building. Many people are already aware of Jermey Schoemaker due to this jaw-dropping $132,994.97 cheque post. But for people who are looking towards making money through affiliate marketing, do run into his name.

A lot has changed for Jeremy. He made the progression from affiliate marketing to starting his own business and sites. When he started, he knew absolutely nothing about building a blog, how to earn money online, or any famous bloggers. He did not even know how to set up a blog and publish it. 

But with hard work and perseverance, he has achieved what most of us dream of. 

Dough Roller

Dough Roller started his business in 2007. At that time, he had no clue about building a blog or ways to earn money online. With just the help of Google, he was able to research blogging, increasing traffic, and the best way to earn money.

He started his blog while working in a company. He used to get up at 5, work for a few hours, leave for the office, work while travelling through the subway and during lunch or small breaks. Plus, work at night after everyone goes to sleep. But today, he has achieved the success that he wanted to and has slowed the craziness that he did at the early stage.

Today, he is one of the most famous bloggers with million visitors a year. Now he is earning more money than he used to make while working in the corporate. For him, making money is just a part of blogging. He enjoys meeting several established bloggers, going to blogging events, conferences, and understanding tons of advanced technology and search engine techniques.

So, if you wish to earn money online, do not be money-oriented, try to expand your knowledge, and you will enjoy the work you do while making money. 

So now you know how blogging has helped several people to reach their goals and earn what they dreamt of. But before we proceed on earning money through blogs, it is essential to understand ways to earn money through blogs. One of the most frequent questions that we hear is, do bloggers make money? Yes, they make money. 

No matter how you earn money through a website or blog, the key to making money is through traffic. Building traffic and a loyal readers base may take time, but this plays an important role in getting more ads and brand collaboration. 

Below are the top 22 ways on how to make money online for beginners in 2021:

How to Make Money Online for Beginners In India 2022- 22 Killer Ways

1. Create an Online Business Directory

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You can compile a list of products and services that your readers frequently ask for recommendations. You may approach relevant businesses and request them to sign up for your business directory. A tool like a business directory makes it easier to start a business.

2. Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing comprises a large chunk of revenue for most bloggers. One of the most famous names to come out of affiliate marketing is Jeremy Schoemaker. He started his business with affiliate marketing, and now he is one of the most established and top-earning online entrepreneurs.

Affiliate marketing depends a lot on the reach and the traffic on your blog or website. It takes time to get traffic on the website, but with hard work and dedication, one can achieve it in months

3. Selling Ad Space

Your AD here flat
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This is the most common strategy that most bloggers start with to monetize their blogs. But today, this strategy is proving ineffective. You may think out of the box and rent out space on your pop-up box, P.S. on your newsletters, social media header, and more.

4. Offer Digital Marketing Services

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Selling your service may not get you the money you wish for. Looking for passive income may seem like an excellent way to earn extra money. It will even help you in creating a good reputation in the market. You can sell services directly related to the topic of your blog or start freelance writing or graphic designing. 

5. Can Start Offering Consulting Services

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Today, there is a high demand for consultants in every niche. You can start consulting service over email, phone, skype, or phone and earn on an hourly basis. You can share your knowledge, expertise and resolve the issues that people may have regarding the niche.

6. Writing Sponsored Posts

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Once your blog is up and successfully running, you can expect to receive several sponsored posts each day. These native ways of advertising are a highly effective way to reach the audience and can be an excellent way for you to resolve your query for the best way to earn money online. Just ensure that the posts are relevant and interesting to the target audience and you fully disclose the sponsored nature of the blog or post.

7. Offer Coaching Services

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Coaching Mentoring Education Business Training Development E-learning Concept.

Coaching is more of a one-to-one service, whereas consulting is generally offered to teams or organizations. You can put together a range of attractive packages that you can offer – DIY packages, DIY consults, or email advice packages.

8. Organize Webinars

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This tool is used by several businesses to generate leads. Hosting webinars can be an excellent way to earn money. Just ensure to offer your subscribers an exceptional value. With so many free webinars out there, you need to offer something special and unique if you wish to charge your participants.

9. Host Sponsored Contests or Giveaways

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You can reach various businesses in your niche to host contests or giveaways on your social media or blog. This can increase the help in creating awareness about the brand and even increase your followers. When done right, it can generate tons of valuable leads for the business.

10. Teach a Course Online

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If you feel that you have sufficient knowledge and can teach an online course. Then this can be a way to learn money online. You want to host an online course on your blog. LearnDash and Zippy Courses can make it easier to start. You even can host your sessions through more established online education sites such as Unacademy, Skillshare, Udemy, etc. Further, several platforms make it easier for you to step up a course with zero coding skills.

11. Create a Private Community

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You can build a virtual community using Facebook groups or free plugins such as bbPress. With millions of free groups out there, you need to offer something extraordinary to make the monthly subscription worthwhile.

12. Write an Ebook

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Do you have in-depth knowledge of your niche? Write an ebook and sell it on your blog. We would advise you against selling exclusively on Amazon, Flipkart, or other online platforms as you will be able to charge much less. If you have created loyal readers, you can charge between $5 to $40 per copy.

13. Share Sponsored Content on Social Media

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Allow your business to grow on social media, and once you have attracted a fair number of audiences, you can share sponsored content on the Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. This is simple and quick. Plus, you can charge $20 t0 $450+ depending on the size of your audience.

14. Premium Gated Content

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In simple words, premium gated content is any type of content that you charge for, such as a downloadable guide, whitepaper, eBook, and more. But what I am referring to here is adding some outstanding content behind the paywall, that your visitors can pay to access. Several plugins can help you create your own paywall in less than 10 minutes. You can try plugins such as Paid Memberships Pro or MemberPress.

15. Site Sponsorship

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Several advertisers do not hold themselves just to sponsored posts, banner ads, or blogs, they want a complete deal. A site sponsorship is where the advertiser has full access to your site (in terms of advertising exclusivity). This enables them to have banner ads, pop-up ads, logos on your blog, and many more.

16. Sell Merchandise

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Whether you want to sell hand-made products or want to sell digital products like e-books, courses, etc. You can easily do that by adding a shop page to your blog with the help of plugins like woo-commerce. This way, you will be able to make some additional money from your blog.

17. Sell Templates

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Another way to earn money is by selling good templates. You can create engaging templates for Health – top 5 healthy foods to eat, Fitness – 7-days weight loss challenge, Business – new client contract template, and more. Templates work in almost any niche. 

18. Write tutorials

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Writing tutorials is always a great way to get links and social shares. Further, this can be another great way to earn money through your blog. There are several ways in which you can make this happen – promote your products in the tutorial, add affiliate links for the products, write a tutorial to promote advertiser’s products (just ensure to inform your readers that it’s a sponsored post directly)

19. Take Your Know-How Offline

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You can directly earn money through your blog, but that is not the only option. You can leverage your expertise and knowledge about the niche and offer services as a presenter or local speaker.

20. In-content Affiliate Marketing

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Want to monetize your most popular blog? Add in-content affiliate links to your blog. Have no clues where to find affiliate programs? You can start with the most popular affiliate program – Amazon Affiliate program. 

21. Product Reviews

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You can reach out to relevant businesses and offer to review their services or products in return for money. Be sure to clarify that a positive review isn’t guaranteed, and you would return the money if you were unable to give a positive review.

22. Selling Products Using Dropship Service

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Interested in selling products on your blog but do not wish to deal with the inventory and shipping? Dropshipping is an excellent way to sell your products with very minimal risk.

22. Create a Resource Page

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Creating a resource page can be helpful for your readers to understand what tools, services, or products you use or recommend. They are one of the great ways to earn money and offer valuable service to your loyal audience. You can place an affiliate link or paid advertisement within your resource page. Directly disclose which links your benefit from and which you do not.

FAQs | How to Make Money Online in India 2022

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How can a beginner make money online?


Earning money online can help you earn extra, but if done right it can help you escape your 9to5 job. Through this, you can become a full-time entrepreneur, get financial independence, and get closer to living the life you wish for.

As we saw earlier, there are many ways to make money online – be it beginner or established blogger. You can take your business to the next level by affiliate marketing or other tools.

I hope that, if you read this blog asking yourself ways to earn online or how to make money online for beginners in India, I would have managed to answer all your queries. We have covered the top 22 ways to make money online, but there are definitely more. These are just the most common and easiest way to earn money. As said, there are easy ways to make money and hard ways to make money, it is all up to you, what you want to choose.

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