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In this post, I’ll explain to you about SEMRush review such as its features, Semrush pricing & plan, support features, how to activate a free trial etc. I have buy Semrush for review & my personal blogging work. So please before signup you go through our complete Semrush review.

So Let’s drive into the Free Trial SEMrush Review.

SEMrush Free Trial 14 Days

SEMrush Trial for Pro & Guru Plan – Grab the Free 14-Days Trial Today & Start Ranking Your Website on the First Page of Google!


SEMrush is all in one such as competitor analysis, domain overview, keywords Search, Audit Report, traffic analytics, Topic analysis, Ads analysis etc


  • Ahref
  • Moz
  • SpyFu
  • SERanking
  • Ubersuggest

Price & Support

Semrush is a power pack with its features. If I talk about price. Price is a little high for Beginner. SEMrush Support is excellent. You can contact the SEMrush team via email, phone chat & ticket.

SEMrush Trial for Pro & Guru Plan – Grab the Free 14-Days Trial Today & Start Ranking Your Website on the First Page of Google!

I can assure you that after reading this blog post you will never regret your decision. 

I am using this tool last five years. Semrush helped me to do keywords research, competitive analysis, finding competitive keywords and backlinks (Signup Free Backlinks Tool), domain analysis, traffic analysis, content optimization, website audit report, local SEO, listing management and Google ads analysis.

Before going to know how to activate 14days free semrush trial. Let’s talk about semrush. 

What is SEMrush?

Semrush is an all in one digital marketing tool for bloggers, content writers, SEO experts affiliate marketers, small businesses and big MNC’s etc.

Semrush tool has features like keywords research, competitive analysis, finding competitive keywords and backlinks (Signup Free Backlinks Tool), domain analysis, traffic analysis, content optimization, website audit report, local SEO, listing management and Google ads analysis.

It is a powerful SEO tool that helps you to rank in Google SERP. Also, it will help you to write effectively by using SEO writing assistant, on-page optimization and content analysis template.

Semrush best tool for Google ads analysis. It will help you to analyze competitor position, as copy, traffic etc.

You can track your keywords to adding projects in the Semrush tool. 

Let drive into all features – 

Why Choose Semrush?

  1. Domain & Traffic Analysis
  2. Identify Your Organic Competitors
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Do a Site Audit and Fix Errors
  5. Content Analysis
  6. PPC Analysis
Semrush Online Visibility Management Platform
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1. Domain & Traffic Analysis

Get instant strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Get complete overview about any company's online performance of domain & website traffic. You can compare multiple domains at same time. In this feature you will get.

* Website Traffic
* Audience Insights
* Traffic Journey
* Top Pages
* Subdomain
* Geo Distribution Etc.

2. Identify Your Organic & Competitors Research

Are you want to in top 10 list of google SERP? 


Semrush feature Organic Research & competitor analysis can help you. This feature help you to know that what work's for your competitors. In this tool you will get - 

* Discover competitors' best keywords
* Find new organic competitors
* Observe domains' position changes Etc.

3. Keyword Research

This feature of SEMrush allows you to research profitable yet low competitive keywords. You just need to enter in your seed keyword in their keyword magic tool, and SEMrush will return you all the related keywords that you can potentially target in your blog content.

* Analyze one or a batch of keywords 
* Explore the SERPs and competition in depth
* Generate millions of ideas for your content
* Track your target keyword positions

4. Do a Site Audit and Fix Error

Semrush is the only tool in the market which provide accurate & deep analysis about your & your competitor website error report. 
Last 7 Years I'm using it and getting a satisfactory results.  

* Loading speed
* Crawlability
* Content issues
* Meta tags
* HTTPS security protocols
* Internal linking
* JS and CSS errors
* AMP implementation

5. Content Analysis

Semrush is great Content Marketing Platform available in the market. 

By using this tool you create you content bank in 7 steps. It have features like.

* Topic Research
* Create a content plan
* Write an article with SEO Content    Template
* Optimize the article with SEO Writing Assistant
* Analyze mentions 
* Check Measure impact in Post  Tracking
* Improve Content with Content Audit

6. PPC Analysis

If you are looking to check how your competitor making ads & banners. 

Semrush PPC analysis tool will help you to check your competitors' ad strategies and you can Spot their strengths and weaknesses to improve your own campaign.

* Uncover competitors' ad strategies and budgets
* Analyze competitors' keywords and ad copy
* Assess the PPC competition
* Analyze the ad texts and banners your competitors are using

Hope this post helps you to understand semrush tool. If you are convinced then you can sign-up by clicking the below button. 

Get access to Premium Features !

How to Activate Semrush Free Trial? 

Semrush Coupon Code: How to Get Semrush for Free?

If you don’t know, Me & Semrush partnership and we have an exclusive Semrush discount code for all How To Start A Blogging Readers also you will get my premium 21 days free blogging course absolutely FREE. Just you need to share payment slip on “

Semrush Pro Account is costing around $119 but for you, I have a special link to get 14 Days Free Trial.

To claim Free Trial, You need to follow below steps.

Step 1 : Click Here To Special Link – and you will be landed on Semrush landing page which specially design by Semrush for Me.

Step 2 : Click on Button “Start You Free 14 Day Trial Now“. This link will take you to Sign In page. Her you have to enter you email id 7 password or you can directly sign with google account. Choose as per you convenience.

Sign up – Semrush
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Step 3 : Once you sign up you will get option to choose plan “14 Days Free Pro Or Guru Plan” and click on Get Free Trial Button.

Pro Tip – You must choose 14 days Guru plan, I know, It’s cost is higher than pro plan but it have lots of advance feature. You can use guru plan for 14 days then you can drown grade to Pro plan on 14th day. [Set reminder in Your Calendar] By Using this method you can use advance features & save lost of cost.

Choose your trial plan – Semrush
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Step 4 : Now you will get new page where you have to enter you payment details. Check below screenshot.

your trial plan – Semrush
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Tips :

Make a note you will charge until your 14 days period will be end, so that details should be valid.

Step 5 : Congratulation! You have made great decision towards your success journey. Check your purchase summery, It should be charge $0.00 and account type should have SEMrush Pro/Guru 14 Days Free Trial.

SEMrush Sign Up payment details
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Once you check all details then click on Place the order.

Step 6 : Congratulation! You have successfully activated Semrush.

SEMRush Free trial activated
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What Are the SEMrush Features?

Keyword research: This feature of SEMrush allows you to research profitable yet low competitive keywords. You just need to enter in your seed keyword in their keyword magic tool, and SEMrush will return you all the related keywords that you can potentially target in your blog content.

Semrush Coupon Code: How to Get Semrush for Free?

Semrush Pros And Cons Pros of SEMrush

SEMrush is a great tool that can help you find out what your competitors are doing. It has many features, but it does have some drawbacks. In this blog post we will go over the pros and cons of SEMrush so you know whether or not to use it in your SEO campaign.
The first pro of SEMrush is its low cost. The basic plan starts at only $69 per month, which is a fairly reasonable price for an SEO tool with as many features as SEMrush offers. Another pro of SEMrush is that it’s very comprehensive when performing keyword research and competitor analysis – two key parts of any successful SEO campaign! A third pro of using SEMRush as part of your campaign strategy would be their email alerts system

Pros of SEMrush

  1. Excellent Website Audit – You will get complete website audit report with 5 to 10mins. No other tool will deep audit as Semrush will do.
  2. Proven Competitors Research for Organic & Paid Traffic – This a best tool for Competitors Research. I never fond other tool can do Competitors Research like Semrush did.
  3. 100% Complete Keyword Research – You can get Complete Keyword Research, Keyword Gap, Relevant Keyword, Keyword Magic Tool, PPC Keyword Tool, Keyword Difficulty etc.
  4. In depth Domain Analysis
  5. You can track all your keywords.
  6. Complete on page analysis
  7. Complete content analysis (SEO writing Assistant)
  8. In depth PPC ads analysis

Cons of SEMrush

  1. High prices – Semrush start from $119/month.
  2. No Multi User – If you want 2nd user then you have to pay additional cost per month.
  3. Doesn’t fit for Beginner – SEMrush is expensive for beginners. It’s starting cost is around $100 that’s why we have SEMrush 14 Days Free Trial free account.
  4. Interface is too old – Need To Redesign
  5. Link Building Tool is week as compared to Ahref & Magestic Tool

SEMrush pricing – Semrush PRO vs GURU Quick Comparison[Semrush Free Plan]

SEMrush is one of the best tools for SEO professionals, entrepreneurs and bloggers looking to research their competition. SEMrush offers many features that are not offered by other companies like rank data, keyword research and backlink analysis. Using Semrush PRO or GURU can be highly beneficial when you’re looking for a competitive edge in your industry. Here’s an overview on what each package entails:

SEMRush Pro Plan – $119/mo or $999/yr – includes all features listed above plus: website audit, position tracking, geographic location tracking, historical data reports and more SEMRush Guru Plan – $199/mo or $1 999/yr-includes everything from the Pro plan plus an additional 10M entries.

Semrush Monthly Pricing

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Semrush Yearly Pricing

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How To Cancel Semrush Subscription?

By using this form, you can cancel your Semrush subscription if you feel it is not right for you. If you still have questions. Contact Semrush at

  1. How to Cancel a Subscription or Trial?

Semrush accounts can be canceled in two ways. Check below

A. Via your account – You can cancel your Semrush subscription via your account – simply go to your account Subscription Info, find the “Active” link and click on it. After clicking on contact us, you’ll be directed to the cancelation instructions.

B. Via Email – There is another simple way to cancel a Semrush subscription via email. Semrush’s email address here is “” from your corresponding trial account email ID and the last 4 digits of your credit card, along with your last payment amount and date.

2. How to downgrade your account

Want to downgrade your Semrush account from Guru to Pro, Pro to Free, etc. If you have a paid or trial account, kindly email them at “” along with the last four digits of your card and the payment amount and date.

Your project data will be deleted 30 days after the start of your project. However, you will still have access to your account.

3. Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the tool. Your money may be reclaimed within 7 days of the billing date. Please note it will take 10 business days for your original payment method to process. For more information about Semrush’s refund policy, click here

5. What Happens to My Account If Cancel My Subscription?

After cancel Semrush account. You will get free Semrush account for life time with limited features.

6. Can I continue with a free account?

Your free account with limited features will remain active for as long as you desire.

Competitors Of SEMrush

FAQ – Free Semrush Trial Account- 7 day, 14 Days & 60 Days

1. How To Get Free Semrush Trial 14 Days?

I have exclusive link for you. You can join 14 Days free Semrush Trial with out any charges.

2. How long is the free trial of SEMrush??

SEMrush offers 7 Days, 14 Days & some case 30 Days for their users. But in this post you will get exclusive promo for 14 days .

3. How do I get SEMrush for free?

SEMrush allow 7 days free trial but How To Start A Blogging post readers I have partner with SEMrush & bring you 14 Days free trial. Click here to avail 14 Days free trial (Worth $99.99).

4. How much does SEMrush cost?

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Semrush offers 3 Plan – 1. Pro$119.95/mo 2. Guru$229.95/mo 3. Business$449.95/mo. If you will pay annually you can save 17%.
Are you looking for a quick comparison between the SEMrush PRO and GURU pricing plans? We’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to find the perfect plan based on your needs so that time spent on research is maximized.

Semrush Free Plan: You can use our free plan with no limits or restrictions whatsoever. This includes unlimited keyword tracking, backlink analysis, rank checking and site audits among other features. The only limitation is that it’s limited to a single user account per IP address and has a limit of 500 requests per day. So if you’re looking for something more advanced than what our free plan offers (but still want it at no charge

5. What are the alternatives to SEMrush for keyword research?

Semrush is a best tool for keywords research, website audit, find content gap, keyword gap, rank tracking, ad analysis etc. But there are some alternatives in the market.
1. Ahref
2. UberSuggest
3. SpyFu
4. SERanking
5. Moz etc.

6. Does SEMrush have a free plan?

Semrush does not have free plan but it have 7 days, 14 days & 30days free trial plan.

7. Who owns Semrush?

Oleg Shchegolevceo and founder AT Semrush. Current Revenue of Semrush is $124.9 million (2020)

8. What are the Semrush free alternative?

Semrush free alternative are Ahrefs, Seranking & Ubersuggest.

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